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Contests and spouses

Subject: Contests and spouses
From: oo7@astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)
Date: Tue Feb 23 22:58:08 1993
Patty N6BIS says:

        >Jeff N9HZQ writes:
        >>How do you guys who operate an entire contest get that past 
          your spouses?

        >Maybe they don't have to "get it past" their spouses. My ex-boyfriend
        >never objected when I stayed up late contesting. :-) I expect that Dave
        >Leeson and Eric Scace, among others, could point to a similar lack of
        >spouse problems.

Yes, some people are just plain lucky.  Had I realized that I was
going to get back into hamming eventually, I might have thought
twice before gettting married on Nov 25, which is about as close 
as you can get to CQWW usually.   Fortunately neither of us really 
cares about anniversaries, birthdays etc., and I'm not sure that 
either of us realized that I was doing CQWW on our 20th anniversary.

When I did CQWW M/S from N3BB/5, it was simple.  His wife spent the
weekend with relatives in Arizona (I think) - both of them were
happy with this arrangement.  A friend in W8 is "allowed" to spend
$$ on radio so long as an equal amount is spent on something his
wife wants - one time it was a llama (I am not making this up, as
Dave Barry says).

All you single young contesters need to subject potential spouses
to all aspects of the hobby, holding nothing back.  If you have to 
choose between them and contesting - well, there are billions of 
other people to choose from....

Derek AA5BT

- and I didn't even have to ask her if I could post this...

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