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ARRL CW -- TI1C (WN4KKN, op)

Subject: ARRL CW -- TI1C (WN4KKN, op)
From: GARLOUGH@TGV.COM (Trey Garlough)
Date: Tue Feb 23 23:02:57 1993
Made the return leg of the San Jose-San Jose trip today.  The Miami to
W6 hop took 6.75 hours because of strong headwinds.  Ugh.

TI1C, single op, all band, WN4KKN op:  6150/342 = 6.3M, good enough to
break the old world record but not good enough to win the contest.  :-(

QSLs for TI1C go via TI2CF.  QSLs for WN4KKN/TI4 go via AA5BT.


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