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Subject: No subject
From: george554@austin.relay.ucm.org (george554@austin.relay.ucm.org)
Date: Tue Feb 23 22:24:20 1993
24 hour contests --- please.........!!!!! we have been down this road before
on here.  leave the dx contests at 48 hours - k1xm is right on everything he
says.  contests are meant to be HARD and staying awake is part of it.
operating at the levels of k1ar, kr0y and others is hard work. it has very 
little to do with station hardware and age - it has alot to do with using all
of your skills and strenghts and doing it over a 48 hour period of time. 
serious contesting is hard work - that is one of the things that makes it
so much FUN. 
by the way the change of the iaru contest from a 48 (36 hours for s/o) to a 
24 hour contest was one of the WORST things that was ever done to that 
contest.  i found the iaru to be a great contest - till it was changed to a 
24 hour contest. 
do you think all these folks would go to dx countries for contests if
they were 24 hours long?  would you?

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