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24 hour contests.. IARU

Subject: 24 hour contests.. IARU
From: KM9P@delphi.com (KM9P@delphi.com)
Date: Wed Feb 24 09:01:51 1993
George writes:

by the way the change of the iaru contest from a 48 (36 hours for s/o) to a 

24 hour contest was one of the WORST things that was ever done to that 

contest.  i found the iaru to be a great contest - till it was changed to a 

24 hour contest. 


In my opinion, it was the BEST thing that ever happened to that contest.  
It's fun to only get one shot at an opening, either get it or not.  

As far as changing ARRL to 24 hours... I used to be ALL for it.  Now, I 
believe that there are only 4 weekends a year that require 48 hours of non-
stop contesting... ARRL and CQWW.  4 weekends is not a big deal.

I am in agreement with the guy that wrote, let's have more awards.  If there
is a group of ops that don't want to operate 48 hours why don't you ask 
the league to put in a 24 hour period for competition... Say from 1200Z 
saturday to 1200Z Sunday.

Just a thought.

Bill KM9P

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