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Subject: QRL?
From: KM9P@delphi.com (KM9P@delphi.com)
Date: Wed Feb 24 09:06:38 1993
This past weekend I had very few run-ins with other guys in regards to
stealing a frequency or such matters.  The few I did have came from 
the ops at W3LPL.  Basically what happened is instead of sending a 
quick ? or QRL?, they would just start a CQ to find out if the frequency
was busy.  

I asked K3NA why that is...  He seems to think that this is acceptable 
operating procedure!  I think it's obnoxious!

What do the rest of you think?

Bill KM9P

I'm sure it isn't a W3LPL operating practice, I probably just had a
couple of their ops and bad luck.

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