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Is the frequency in use ?

Subject: Is the frequency in use ?
From: n2ic@druwa.att.com (n2ic@druwa.att.com)
Date: Wed Feb 24 08:05:00 1993
We really do need to standardize a convenient way to ask if the frequency
is in use.

QRL ?  works okay, but is really disruptive if you are on the receiving end,
trying to copy a weak station.

This weekend, I tried using dit-dit .  About 25% of the time, the occupying
station would send "dit", and I would move on.  The rest of the time, it
would take a full blown QRL ? or CQ TEST to evoke a response.

I seemed to have more trouble squeezing other stations this weekend.  If
I was using some very narrow, sharp filters, I could understand this.
However, I'm using a TS-940S with a pair of stock Kenwood 500 Hz filters.
If I can put up with your S9+20 signal 600 Hz away, why can't you deal
with my signal ?

Steve, N2IC/0

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