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Subject: QRL?
From: craigr@marlin.nosc.mil (Raymond D. Craig)
Date: Wed Feb 24 08:15:19 1993
> From: KM9P@delphi.com
> Subject: QRL?
> This past weekend I had very few run-ins with other guys in regards to
> stealing a frequency or such matters.  The few I did have came from 
> the ops at W3LPL.  Basically what happened is instead of sending a 
> quick ? or QRL?, they would just start a CQ to find out if the frequency
> was busy.  
> I asked K3NA why that is...  He seems to think that this is acceptable 
> operating procedure!  I think it's obnoxious!
> What do the rest of you think?
> Bill KM9P
> I'm sure it isn't a W3LPL operating practice, I probably just had a
> couple of their ops and bad luck.

I think you're being too kind to say it obnoxious.  It's lousy operating
practice and qualifies them for the LID of the MONTH club.  Good op's always
check the freq before opening up.  It's also faster to at least send a "?"
than getting in a pissing contest with somebody who's already on the freq.
Nobody really wins then but I won't let some lid take a freq that I've been
on for some time without him knowing that I'm upset.

Rick N6ND

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