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24 hr contest

Subject: 24 hr contest
From: hardie@herald.usask.ca (Peter Hardie)
Date: Wed Feb 24 12:05:27 1993
It seems that the push for a 24 hr contest is primarily coming from single ops.
I think Ron's (N6EE) idea of a 24 contiguous hours interval for single ops is
a good idea with one modification. Just add one more operating class in the
contests. If a single op wants to do the whole 36 of 48 hour thing then go for
it. But also have another operating class for single op 24 hours where the 
24 hours is, as Ron suggested, contiguous but starts whenever the op wishes.
This leaves it up to the op to try to pick the best time to operate (or perhaps
leaves it up to their XYL and the llama? :-). 
This way a new contest doesn't have to be created. The existing ones go on as 
usual with a few more categories added. I think it'd be easier to find a 
sponsor for a new category than it would to find support for an entirely new
If the 24 hr thing does take off I hope there's a 24 hr/QRP category as well.

A few years after a 24hr category is started there'll be demands for 12 hours,
then 6hr etc.

Anyone for a 5 minute Sprint? :-)

Pete hardie@herald.usask.ca  VE5VA 
and thanks to those DX ops out there who heard and worked my 0.9W using my
other call of VE5ESE.
OOOOOooo. That reminds me. Anyone got QSL info for V73C which I worked for a new
2-way QRP country?

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