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RSGB 7MHz CW Contest

Subject: RSGB 7MHz CW Contest
From: lsil!mhost!lonfs01!laurence@fernwood.mpk.ca.us (Laurence Mason)
Date: Wed Feb 24 18:39:26 1993
This weekend is the RSGB 7MHz CW contest. The UK works the rest of the world.
Apparently the rules as printed in QST did not show the correct frequency
range for the contest so I will at try and put that right here!

1500 GMT  Saturday 27 Feb to 0900GMT Sunday 28 Feb
Frequency 7.000-7.030 MHz.
Exchange RST and serial number. UK stations will also exchange 3 letter 
county code (which act as multipliers for overseas stations)
Score: Europe 5 points, Oceania 30 points, All others 15 points. Only contacts
with UK count for points. Multiply by number of counties worked.
Logs to RSGB HF Contests Committee
c/o  S V Knowles G3UFY
     77 Bensham Manor Road,
     Thornton Heath
     CR7 3AF

Closing date for logs 19 April 93

If anyone has any questions let me know.

Laurence G4HTD for the RSGB HFCC

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