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Re. 24 hr contests

Subject: Re. 24 hr contests
From: 100037.364@CompuServe.COM (Tim Kirby)
Date: Wed Feb 24 15:07:42 1993
I put some of the material regarding 24 hour contests on our local cluster. I
thought you might be interested in the view of a very well known contester,
Steve, GW4BLE.   73, Tim - G4VXE.
From: GW4BLE Re: 24 hour contests
For me any diluting of contests such as CQWW or ARRL are just not on.
If my memory serves me well (now did I hear that in a song somewhere,
HI!), the ARRL DX Contest used to be a 96 hour marathon about twenty
years ago (spread over two weekends for each mode)!
What would happen to all the records that have been set over the
years - would the slate be wiped clean and started again from scratch?
OK, so 48 hours can be tough, I admit that but it is a CONTEST
afterall and they should be that way.  Guess I could go on at
length but you get the gist of it from here. PLEASE leave the ARRL
and CQWW well alone!!!
An interesting note - the number of hours for single operators in
the WPX contest were INCREASED from last year!
73 de Steve.

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