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24 hr contest

Subject: 24 hr contest
From: 76703.3035@CompuServe.COM (Steve Silverwood [CA])
Date: Wed Feb 24 22:37:10 1993
hardie@herald.usask.ca (Peter Hardie) writes:
  >It seems that the push for a 24 hr contest is primarily coming from
  >single ops.  I think Ron's (N6EE) idea of a 24 contiguous hours
  >interval for single ops is a good idea with one modification. Just
  >add one more operating class in the contests. If a single op wants
  >to do the whole 36 of 48 hour thing then go for it. But also have
  >another operating class for single op 24 hours where the 24 hours
  >is, as Ron suggested, contiguous but starts whenever the op wishes.
  >This leaves it up to the op to try to pick the best time to operate
  >(or perhaps leaves it up to their XYL and the llama? :-).
  >This way a new contest doesn't have to be created. The existing ones
  >go on as usual with a few more categories added. I think it'd be
  >easier to find a sponsor for a new category than it would to find
  >support for an entirely new contest.
Sounds like a good idea to me.  With the vocal anti-contest crowd out
there, this sounds like a more viable alternative than creating a whole
new contest, and the inevitable hue and cry such a decision would raise.

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