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24 Hour Contests

Subject: 24 Hour Contests
From: montaguj@CCMSMTP.STPAUL.NCR.COM (John Montague)
Date: Thu Feb 25 06:19:24 1993
          There is merit in both 24 & 48 hour contests.  In fact, a 24
          Contiguous Hour catagory in a 48 hour contest makes good
          sense.  I would recommend that to compete in a 24 Hour class
          that there must be no operation what-ever during any other
          part of the 48 hour period (listening time included). 
          Evidence of a QSO from submitted logs outside a claimed 24
          Hour period would be grounds for disqualification (given a
          few minutes to accomodate clock errors).  Perhaps all/most
          awards should be granted to 24CH participants.

          I must be nice to have the luxury of participating whenever
          one chooses.  Many of us are constrained to snatching a few
          hours of operating time out of the 48 available.  Limiting
          the contest period to noon-noon Sat/Sun would lock-out many
          participants.  The vast majority of contest participants
          obtain satisfaction from the thrill of the chase -- they
          have no dilusions of competing for the TOP spot.  Shouldn't
          contests be designed to provide the most satisfaction to the

          John Montague

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