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Subject: IOTA
From: lsil!mhost!lonfs01!laurence@fernwood.mpk.ca.us (Laurence Mason)
Date: Thu Feb 25 19:47:03 1993
> Where can I get more information on IOTA?  Specifically, I want to 
> know how an island makes the list.  Is there a set of criteria 
> like there is for defining a DXCC country?  Any pointers and/or 
> references would be appreciated.

The main IOTA contact in the RSGB / organisers is G3KMA

The IOTA rep in the US is W4BAA

Don't forget there is the first IOTA contest this summer 

1200 UTC Saturday 24th July to 1200 UTC Sunday 25th July 1993

Laurence G4HTD

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