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Mediocre score

Subject: Mediocre score
From: 74660.2606@CompuServe.COM (J.P. Kleinhaus)
Date: Fri Feb 26 17:53:00 1993
Hello all, I figured since I woke up late on Saturday (effectively
ruining my chances for any competitive score) that I would post my
scores late here.  This was my worst contest EVER by the way.. a real
AA2DU S/A-----> 274 Q's  148 Mults==120,324
A far cry from last years 2.2 million effort hihi. Not only did my
alarm fail to wake me after an attempted 1.5 hrs of sleep on Fri nite
but i managed to blow up a 160/80 meter inverted vee in the first 3 hours
of the contest..oh well, I guess I'll have to redeem myself next week.
        There has been a lot of talk regarding shortening the 48 hour
contests.  I am NOT in favor of such an initiative.  A large part of
the *competition* aspect of the contests has to do with stamina!!  I don't
think that there is much stamina required to stay up 24 hours (well,
see above hi) and the shortening of the event would remove one of the
challenges in hte contest.  If there were to be a "24 hour class" 
instituted, that should be enough of a compromise for those who can't 
hack it.  Also, as we saw this year, propagation can be drastically
different from one day to the next and that adds the element of
unpredictability to the event.  You may find it a real challenge to find
that your band plan is now useless adn you need to refine your operating
strategy on the fly..this definitely separates the true contesters from
the poseurs!

73 de J.P.  AA2DU

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