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24 hours for single-ops

Subject: 24 hours for single-ops
From: ku4a@lexvmk.VNET.IBM.COM (ku4a@lexvmk.VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: Wed Feb 24 17:05:24 1993
>There is plenty of DX outside the contest weekends.
>Contests are competitions, not DX activity weekends.

Well, although I guess I am in the 24-hour camp (although I like the
proposals for 24-hour single-op categories in the existing 48-hour
contests) I have spent a lot of time in DX contests chasing "new ones".
I have seen that in all contests (DX and domestic) there seem to be a
lot of award chasers (W.A.S., DXCC, counties, prefixes, whatever).
There would be a whole lot less activity if they weren't there, so I
think they should be embraced, not told "this is not an activity

Having said that, I am inclined to agree with those that have said that
reducing the contest period would make it harder on the award chasers.
That should be a factor in the decision, but not a primary one.

73 de Chris KU4A

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