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Subject: ARRL CW.
From: Howard (Howard)
Date: Mon Feb 22 12:32:55 1993
------------------------- Your note follows: -------------------------
>K6XO/7  20 Meters, Single Band.
>355 QSOs, 79 Countries  84,135
>Anyone know where US2I and 4O4D are located? Not sure if they are
>additional multipliers or not. Missed some "easy" ones - no CT, HL,
>LZ, YO, YV or ZS. Heard a ZS calling east coast stations on Sunday,
>but he never called me. I knew that my time was going to be limited,
>so as usual, I decided to go single band. I was unable to decide
>until the last minute whether to go 15 or 20, but decided on 20
>meters since it tends to stay open later into the evening. Nice
>opening to Europe on Saturday morning, short path. Not so good on
>Sunday. Only a few long path QSOs. It just occurred to me that
>4O4D is probably in Moldova.
Hi Alan-
NA shows 4O as Bosnia. I think US counts as UA3. Yeah, it seemed
high band condx were down on Sunday- no Eu secondary opening
on 20 here.

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