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Contest Spouses

Subject: Contest Spouses
From: n2ic@druwa.att.com (n2ic@druwa.att.com)
Date: Wed Feb 24 07:45:00 1993
About 2 years ago, K1AR had a feature in his CQ magazine contest column
on contest spouses.  The XYL's of W9RE, K1AR, N2NT, K3LR, N2IC and probably
a few others were featured.  From my recollection, there were some common

- When you are operating contests, at least your spouse knows where you are.
  You are not drinking in a bar and/or chasing others of the opposite sex.

- Spouses are less than thrilled about all the tower work that we do.

- Spouses do not like dealing with RFI/TVI complaints.  That alone is a good
  reason to leave for the weekend !

N9HZQ, get a copy of K1AR's column and show it to your spouse !

Steve, N2IC/0

P.S.  What's wrong with llamas ? 

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