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Contest Duration

Subject: Contest Duration
From: ronklein@vnet.ibm.com (R.D. Klein)
Date: Sat Feb 27 08:16:06 1993
Let me be a little more specific on my previous post in favor of 24 hour
contests. I'd propose this for single ops, that it be a subcategory of
the existing 48 hour periods. As others have pointed out, I would be in
favor of 24 hours total anytime during the 48 hour period, broken up in
whatever chunks worked for the entrant. I see no good reason to change
the existing 48 hour period for those who are inclined to operate that

Even smaller time durations than 24 hours might be a reasonable idea, but
I would not want to see those who run and score the contests experience
more of an added burden than addition of a 24 hour category might already

Ron - W0OSK

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