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From: 0005720561@mcimail.com (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Sat May 1 22:53:00 1993
I wonder how many others on this network have felt they have lost in a
contest, or lost a record, due to perceived "cheating".  If this is
an rare event, then what we are dealing with is just a few offenders. 
If, however, it is somewhat common, that you, or someone you know, has
been affected by "cheating", then we REALLY DO HAVE A BIG PROBLEM.
I know of several records in this area that have been lost to QROOO
in both the high power adn QRP arenas. Nothing can be proven...but
the "word on the street" surely indicates a severe case of "overdoing it".

In the old west it was sometimes the vigilantes who took the law into their
own hands and administered "justice", when the "authorities" couldnt
or wouldnt, deal with a problem. (read Contest Administrators). If
their is a high incidence of people getteing beat by cheating, and the
record books having "unbelievable" records in them, we may have to 
go the rule of the old west, and form a self policing body. Im not
suggesting any lynchings of suspicious east-coasters (hi). N0AX has
proposed a good solution in general to the problem....lets work 
with it...         but first, lets answer the general question...
HOW WIDESPREAD IS CONTEST ABUSE?          73 Danny Eskenazi K7SS

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