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CQWW 1991 Wallpaper

Subject: CQWW 1991 Wallpaper
From: 74660.2606@CompuServe.COM (J.P. Kleinhaus)
Date: Mon May 3 19:37:15 1993
I have been asking the boys at CQ headquarters the same question for the last 
It would seem that with all the griping we do about the ARRL and the fiasco 
with the DXCC administration,
CQ has been able to slide a 1.5 year delay by us without much being said.  Tom, 
K5RC, touched upon
the same question in the latest issue of NCJ.  It would seem to be a valid 
concern of ours especially in
light of the fact that we are looking for new blood in the hobby.  It is really 
tough to sell someone a package
and tell them it is great fun *but* you must wait 1 year for results and maybe 
2 years for the various awards.
Sounds like something I would love to jump right into...NOT!

73 de J.P. AA2DU

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