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1991 CQWW Certificates

Subject: 1991 CQWW Certificates
From: p00259@psilink.com (John Dorr K1AR)
Date: Tue May 4 10:35:31 1993
No, the 1991 CQ WW certificates have not been mailed...GUILTY! Here is the

        - We are producing a new format that will fit into a standard laser
          tray, eliminating the typewriter, finally!
        - The certificate will include a perforated section that will have
          the winner's address printed on it, and fold back so that it can
          show through a window envelope.
        - The design is nearly complete and will be ready for the printer
          in about 2 weeks or so.
        - From that point, we will input the data and hopefully have 
          them start to come out within the next 45 days.

Sorry for the inconvenience to any award winners...hopefully with this 
hi-tech conversion, the process will be much faster in subsequent years.

John, K1AR 

p.s. I do not fold certificates for the CQWW .. if there are issues with 
"folded" WPX awards, talk to Steve Bolia, N8BJQ (CQ WW WPX Director).

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