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Coaxial Rotator Loops

Subject: Coaxial Rotator Loops
From: rhealy@arrl.org (Rus Healy NJ2L)
Date: Wed May 5 16:48:40 1993
Keith, WB9TIY, writes:

>While on the subject of flex cable, has anyone done investigations on the 
>use of Andrew Corp "Super-Flex" heliax cables as rotor loops ??  I have a 
>couple of nice 0.5" diameter Super-Flex jumpers that would be just the 
>ticket IF they can handle the constant bending at typical Chicago temps 
>('ya know - -40 to +120 F).

This cable is quite popular with the VHF/UHF/microwave crowd, as
you might imagine. At last year's Central States VHF Conference,
I recall overhearing a discussion among a few prominent VHF guys
in which they traded stories about how their half-inch Super-Flex 
jumpers had eventually fatigued and cracked after being used as 
rotator loops for several years. That was enough to deter me, 
and the Newington climate isn't as cruel as it is in Chicago
(although it seems even worse some days :').

Your mileage may vary.

--73, Rus

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