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Phillystran vs. Steel Guys

Subject: Phillystran vs. Steel Guys
From: Steve_Fraasch@ATK.COM (Steve Fraasch)
Date: Wed May 5 17:50:34 1993
Does anyone have any experience using Phillystran (6700') w/ guyed towers? I'm 
installing a 55g tower this fall and would appreciate comments from the field. 
 I have no experience w/ the stuff.

I read K5RC's comments w/ interest, and he seems in favor of using 'stran, 
given steel leaders are installed at the tower, and at the ground.

Does anyone else have comments? Here are my concerns:

1.) Has anyone lost a potting end, snapped a guy, or cut a guy by accident?

2.) Can large antennas be put up safely ? If a sharp piece of hdwe catches the 
guy, can the guy be cut?

3.) Does weather or ultra-violet limit guy life?

4.) Do tower vibrations dampen out?  Does the elasticity of 'stran cause the 
tower to sway more than it otherwise would w/ steel guys?

5.) I assume that one would follow the same guy schedule given in the Rohn 
book.  Do any mods to those drawings apply for 'stran?

Thanks, Steve, K0SF.
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