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CT bbs

Subject: CT bbs
From: reisert@mast.enet.dec.com (Jim Reisert AD1C 06-May-1993 1312)
Date: Thu May 6 14:07:50 1993
------------------Reply to mail dated 6-MAY-1993 12:26:08.78------------------

John, WA4VLV wrote:

>The bbs number is 508-460-8877, and it works at least at 2400 bauds.

I connected at 9600 baud (v.32) last night without any problems.

73 - Jim AD1C

James J. Reisert                Internet:  reisert@mast.enet.dec.com
Digital Equipment Corp.         UUCP:      ...decwrl!mast.enet.dec.com!reisert
146 Main Street - MLO3-6/C9     Voice:     508-493-5747
Maynard, MA  01754              FAX:       508-493-0395

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