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TH6 Problems - Help

Subject: TH6 Problems - Help
From: 0015017@msgate.emis.hac.com (0015017@msgate.emis.hac.com)
Date: Thu May 6 11:24:09 1993
From: Balmforth, Kevin D
Subject: TH6 Problems - Help
Previous E-discussion on refurbing Hygain traps got me started on refurbing an 
old TH6DXX which has been out in the So. California smog for a few years.  
Problem: some of the element joints have become so corroded that I can't 
separate them, even with a pair of vise-grips (the universal antenna tool...). 
 Resistance across the joints is 3-5 ohms, which means I just can't leave them 
this way.  Has anybody had any experience with this problem?

Thanks - Kevin NC6U

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