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Unzipping wrtlog60.zip

Subject: Unzipping wrtlog60.zip
From: bob@mtdcr.att.com (bob@mtdcr.att.com)
Date: Wed May 12 16:47:00 1993
For those having trouble unzipping wrtlog60.zip, it can be unzipped
by Info-ZIP's free UNZIP Version 5.0 Patchlevel 1.  Actually, unzip
can unzip files made by PKZIP 2.04 as well as 1.10.  It is FTP-able
from a number of places -- I got it from oak.oakland.edu.  Look in
the /pub/msdos/zip directory for UNZ50P1.EXE.

They also distribute a free ZIP.  In the same directory, snarf
ZIP10EXX.ZIP to get a zip that is compatible with PKZIP 1.10 and
ZIP19P1X.ZIP for compatibility with the newer PKZIP.

Bob K2PH

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