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Subject: No subject
From: Doug.Grant@analog.com (Doug.Grant@analog.com)
Date: Thu May 13 16:43:00 1993
The Email system here croaked for most of May 12. If anyone sent me a message
regarding BIG ANTENNAS, please try again.

I also missed Randy's message about 100W contests. Seems to me that 100W would
be reasonable for domestic contests, but I can't imagine trying to work
anything on 40SSB with 100W in a DX contest, or anything long-path. That 10 dB
means a lot when you're only a few dB out of the mush.

If all the big guys turn off their amps to operate with 100W in the 93 SS,
what happens to the little guns who don't own amps? Seems like their chance to
compete goes away. Or are there really a lot of competitive operators who
don't own amps?


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