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100w contesting

Subject: 100w contesting
From: pescatore_jt%ncsd.dnet@gte.com (pescatore_jt%ncsd.dnet@gte.com)
Date: Fri May 14 08:21:57 1993
I suppose as a spoiled East coaster I shouldn't want to do this, but I think 
reducing power limits to 100W for Sweepstakes is a great idea. Although I guess
this will just give the 5/9/0 power axis a bigger advantage and I will only
work 3 WWAs on 80, 100W for all domestic contests is a great idea. I don't
think total Qs will change much.

For DX contests, lower power will probably result in noticeably lower QSO
totals - less fun. I can justify a KW to work XU3W, not to work W3XU.

Since the CAC moves in slow and mysterious ways, how about changing the rules
for the next set of Sprints in September? I guess Trey and Rick can do so with
input from the contesting community (us) without having to go through many
layers of bureacratrivia.

Oh, yeah, this should also apply to the 10-10 "contest"!


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