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Subject: No subject
From: Doug.Grant@analog.com (Doug.Grant@analog.com)
Date: Fri May 14 13:19:00 1993
I did NOT put WB1HBB up to the message he posted. Honest. I'm curious,
though...how many 'little guns' out there on the reflector want the top ops at
the top (read:biggest antenna) stations to turn off the amps in SS? I'm more
concerned about demoralizing those guys than seeing if Tree, Randy, Bill, and
Ralph can have fun without amps.

Guess HBB thinks it's a bad idea.

Or maybe all the big guns should have to put up low tribanders and wires for
the weekend. And only use one radio. And move to a poor QTH. And, and, and...

Equalize, shmequalize. See you in the next WRTC.

Doug  K1DG

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