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Equitable Scoring Control

Subject: Equitable Scoring Control
From: n4hy@ccr-p.ida.org (Bob McGwier)
Date: Fri May 21 08:17:30 1993
I feel that `Equitable Scoring Control' for contesting is as unworkable
as it can possibly be.  What the likely outcome of such a system would
be in my opinion would be to have many east coast contesters stop or at
the very least become disenchanted.  If you could successfully argue
(demonstrate?) that these would be replaced by the newly advantaged
midwestern and western stations who now do not have the European low
band advantages east coasters do, then maybe it would indeed be more
equitable.  I just do not believe this would be the most likely outcome.

If we went to something that is the moral equivalent of the equitable
stroke control that the US Golf Assocation has just instituted, then we
would all be losers.


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