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Subject: enough!
From: oo7@astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)
Date: Sun May 23 21:25:12 1993
        and novel contest ideas -- like UA9CDC's where dupes count.
        Stuff like that.  Come on, COME O*N*! DSW de Bill ("XUMan") w3xu

Hey, "XU man", that reminds me, I need to work an XU.  Let's have
a sort of fake WAZ contest where our suffixes count as the relevant
country.  You'd be in Zone 26, I would be in #24, Tree would count
for zone 36 and so on.  Trey would have to be a U.S. zone, I guess.
VE5ZX would be Zone 11 (that level enough for you, Syl?).

If you want a contest where dupes count, where were you last night
during the Internet contest?   I worked Trey 10 times in that, and
Tree 8 times - and they all counted.  Life doesn't get much better -

Derek AA5BT

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