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handicapping rationale

Subject: handicapping rationale
From: Kenny=Manchester%NetSrv%Sys=Hou@bangate.compaq.com (Kenny=Manchester%NetSrv%Sys=Hou@bangate.compaq.com)
Date: Mon May 24 09:55:07 1993
To continue with the golf analogy:  

A couple clarifying points:

Q)  How do the best golfers get rated?  Do they top out?

A)  The best in the world are the touring pros.  They must 
qualify for their touring cards on a periodic basis unless 
they win exemption.  The implication is that the best of the 
best are generally playing against each other as long as 
they continue to demonstrate their superior skills.

The handicapping system in golf isn't perfect.  However, it 
does provide for more focused competition between players of 
comparable skill level.  Peaks and extremes do happen and on 
a local basis one can cheat for a while, but in general it 

One idea might be to create 4 "flights" for the "Majors"
A Flight would be the cream of the crop.
D Flight might be the 1/2 percent milk (me right now!).

The idea here isn't to clip the wings of the best 
contesters, it is to create competitive classifications.
Many of us are latching on to some preconceived notion about 
how handicapping might be done...power limit, geography 
leading the field.  I still believe it is a formula with 
considerations for several things, but the most important 
one is Operator/Station Activity and Performance over time. 
This automatically takes much into account.

Even in Running you compete with others in your age group.  
Little league baseball, Karate, etc.  

Does handicapping mean change?  Yes.
More work?  Initially.
More competition for everybody?  Yes.
More meaningful recognition for the growing contesters? Yes.

"What's the big deal about winning anyway?".  No comment.

K, nz5i


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