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Lack of "Scott" in INT, . - -.-.

Subject: Lack of "Scott" in INT, . - -.-.
From: sellington@mail.ssec.wisc.edu (sellington)
Date: Tue May 25 10:25:49 1993
Writes AA7NX:

>Okay, I must come clean, I am one reason that "Scott" never got into the
>cycle. I messed up.....woe is me! My first QSO was Scott, K5TA. My 2nd QSO I
>think I sent "Mike" again.

K5TA was my first contact, and I wondered if he started with his own name.
So, we know what happened to the first Scott.  Now, what happened to my
name after I sent it to K5TA?  I heard him send it to AA2N. How can two
copies of such an easy name disappear in the first moments of the contest?
Sounds suspicious to me! 

Scott   K9MA

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