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Subject: Pre-CT
From: 0005582789@mcimail.com (Robert J Halprin)
Date: Tue Jun 1 23:19:00 1993

De K1XA:

Re "Computers and Contests" sidebar,

    ARRL Operating Manual 

Just for the record, the Op Man 

sidebar in question was originally written 

in 1986/87, for the then-1987 edition, 

*not* the 1990 edition.

I think it's fair to say that all concerned were

aware that the contest sidebar material was out 

of date in 1990. As editor (and/or former editor), 

I certainly was--as was K1JX and other

persons directly involved with the project.

I left the HQ staff in 1988 (although I did continue 

involvement with the Op Man to a certain extent 

after that). But if I recall correctly (and its been 

awhile!), the League made a business decision not to 

revise that section and certain other portions of the 

book until they implemented and produced a full-blown 

revision under a new, in-house editor, 

which as NJ2L noted, occurred in 1991. 

I hope this clarifies the situation. Tnx/73.

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