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European CW HF Field Day

Subject: European CW HF Field Day
From: lsil!mhost!lonfs01!laurence@fernwood.mpk.ca.us (Laurence Mason)
Date: Thu Jun 3 15:56:32 1993
This weekend is the European CW HF Field Day. 

There are 107 entries registered from the UK and there will also be
stations from DL, HB etc. Stations in the contest will be signing /P
and operating from temporary locations (probably in the rain!)

Contests are run independently by each national society but with
coordinated dates, times etc. The exchange is RST plus serial number,
all bands from 1.8 to 28 MHz excluding warc bands. Contest preferred
segments are observed on 3.5 and 14 MHz.

The contest is from 1500Z on 5 June 93 to 1500Z on 6 June 93.

All stations would appreciate contacts from those able to make it on.


Laurence G4HTD on Behalf of the RSGB HFCC

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