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Rating Systems

Subject: Rating Systems
From: mraz@maverick.aud.alcatel.com (Kris Mraz)
Date: Mon Jun 7 07:58:43 1993
AA7FT writes:

>Much discussion has been given to a variety of possible rating systems
>for contest stations/operators, as a way to get the proverbial Li'l
>pistola into the sport.

Do the three wins have to be in one year, or over any length of time?

What are the rules for going down in category? Ie, category 3 demoted to 
category 2.

In rule two, what does the ARRL section have to do with it? I'm sure this 
system should be world-wide.

Kris, AA5UO             '~ ~`
mraz@aud.alcatel.com      L  

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