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Multipliers, Handicaps etc.

Subject: Multipliers, Handicaps etc.
Date: Tue Jun 8 18:32:09 1993

         From: Dave Lawley, G4BUO                           LAWLEYD  - WEBS
           To:                                              44372    - IBMX400
      Subject: Multipliers, Handicaps etc.
Hi. This is my first contribution to the reflector. I've been registered
for a few days now and while the debate about handicapping and ratings is
interesting, I tend to agree with Tom WB4IUX - it's all about personal
goals. In the UK we have recently introduced a coding system as part of
the results tabulation so that the 'little pistols' with 100W and a
Butternut can see how they fared in comparison to similarly equipped
stations. If you want to level the playing field, our National Field Day
last weekend is one way of trying to do it. In very poor conditions,
several groups made over 900 contacts using just 100W and a doublet
antenna at 35ft maximum height.
Regarding contest exchanges, the real shame was when the CQ 160 contest
changed from RST/serial to RST/country. I haven't entered since. I would
like to see serial number exchange in the CQ and ARRL contests but rates
and top scores would both be reduced so it won't happen. Bob's suggestion
of exchanging grid square would very soon lead to CT being enhanced to
support a database a bit like MASTER.DAT which would contain thousands of
'known' callsigns and their grids, and you'd be back with a meaningless
exchange. This technique is already in use over here in VHF contests, but
at least serial numbers are sent in addition to grid squares.
Unless conditions are VERY good I won't see you in the VHF contest.
73, Dave G4BUO

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