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From: 71034.3544@CompuServe.COM (Wayne Wright)
Date: Wed Jun 9 00:52:26 1993
While I identify strongly with WB4IUX's philosophy of life--I too spend 
more time with my kids than with my radio--I want to encourage those that 
are thinking of additional awards to encourage more contesters. We need 
more, and we need to figure out what it takes to get them to turn their 
radios on more often. Even pro baseball is going to change their playoff 
system (I disapprove, but I'm old.) I for one liked Trey's suggestion of a 
system that rewards those that can't compete at a national level but are 
"always there". A piece of wall paper (I'll pay for it), my call (even in 
tiny print with 2000 others) listed on a page in QST or CQ, and I'd put in 
an hour or two on weekends I currently put in zero. Don't attempt to level 
the playing field, just think of new ways to involve people.

On another subject, could someone fill me in about whether 'ALE is joking 
about CQ PUNT? First time I saw it I thought it was a pretty funny joke. 
Now he's serious? Who's going to set the record for number of 10 WPM QSOs 
in an hour?

Back to 'IUX and daughters: I have some, too. How about a family contest? 
Extra points for getting those beauties to make a few QSOs for us. But 
somebody besides me is going to have to figure out how to get them to want 
to. :-) Anybody know why, outside of Field Day, there are practically zero 
female contesters? I don't.

Wayne, W5XD

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