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What a load of ********

Subject: What a load of ********
From: burns (burns)
Date: Fri Jun 11 06:14:01 1993
From:   NAME: Andy Burns                    
        FUNC: Research and Development        
        TEL: 0324 493981                      <BURNS,AL@A1@GRRD04>
To:     "cq-contest@tgv.com"@rcwi01@mrgate@grrd04

What a load of ******. Have we got nothing better to do than talk about 
'equalized contests' and level playing fields. I've been reading this 
drivle for 6 months now and it's going nowhere. 

If I'm out the office for a few days, on my return I have 129 mail 
messages, 90% containing all this junk. One answer is to pull out of the 
reflector. I'd then lose the 5% of useful mail. I've asked Trey to put a 
filter on my mail, not sending anything with the words 'equal' or 'level' 
but the technology isn't quite there yet.

The playing field is not flat and never will be. My QTH is on the same 
latitude as Juneau, Alaska so I get bombed out when the A index is high. 
If conditions are good, I get in the top ten. If not, I have fun.

The thing I can do something about is my SKILL. I've been Single oping 
from GM for 4 years and have probably improved by 10% each year. Why 
don't we use the reflector to help ourselves improve. Earlier in the year 
I picked up a number of tips from here which have helped me. Let's share 
the ideas and do better. 6 months ago the reflector was full of useful 
information, but unfortunately not any more. I reckon I improved my score 
in ARRL DX SSB this year by 2-3% by a mod to master.dat but its pointless 
putting it on the reflector as every one wants to talk about how to get 
the same score.

Come on lads, lets IMPROVE not equalise.




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