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Enough Already.....

Subject: Enough Already.....
From: 70253.410@CompuServe.COM (Jeff Embry WI2T)
Date: Fri Jun 11 08:54:20 1993
GM0ECO writes

What a load of ******. Have we got nothing better to do than talk about
'equalized contests' and level playing fields. I've been reading this
drivle for 6 months now and it's going nowhere.

If I'm out the office for a few days, on my return I have 129 mail
messages, 90% containing all this junk. One answer is to pull out of the
reflector. I'd then lose the 5% of useful mail.

Come on lads, lets IMPROVE not equalise.

Totally agree.  I use Compuserve and get charged by connect time.  Today out
of 15 messages, the only item that I was interested in was the High Claimed
Scores from WPX CW.

I agree with Andy IMPROVE not equalize.  Besides whatever happened to
contesting for fun.  Reading all this crap about handicaps and equalizing
makes me curious as to how much fun people are having.  I am happy if I can
do a bit better that the last contest.  It shows that either I have learned
something to improve my operating skills or I have improved my station in
some way.

Nuff said....Hope to see you all this weekend.  I'll be operating at K3LYW
on 6 throught 1296.

73 de Jeff (WI2T)

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