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What a load of ********

Subject: What a load of ********
From: len@ariel.coe.northeastern.edu (Leonard Kay)
Date: Fri Jun 11 09:05:08 1993
First off, well said Andy! Now a challenge (to everyone):

>>Why don't we use the reflector to help ourselves improve. Earlier in the year 
>>I picked up a number of tips from here which have helped me. Let's share 
>>the ideas and do better. 6 months ago the reflector was full of useful 

Why don't we put a moratorium on equalization for one week, and see what 
Instead, in that week, everyone post useful contesting hints & kinks. I like to 
of this reflector as a national contesting club. Let's win the next test!

>>Come on lads, lets IMPROVE not equalise.


Len KB2R

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