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QSY and CQ

Subject: QSY and CQ
From: len@ariel.coe.northeastern.edu (Leonard Kay)
Date: Fri Jun 11 14:48:03 1993
N6TR says:

[stuff about hogging frequencies]

>>The funny thing is that this only really is a problem on phone.  So many
>>things are only a problem on phone, that I hardy operate a phone contest
>>any more.


This is also sheer math, since (1) Phone is more popular among 'lids' 
                               (2) 1 kHz / 200 Hz  = 5x more QSO space

>>So, the next time you have been a frequency hog, and someone tries to move
>>in on you, maybe it is time to let someone else use the natural resource.

Agreed.  I have noticed, however, that to some extent this scenario is 
somewhat self-policing. If you are squatting on a frequency and actually
running people, the mini-pileup you create tends to keep people from 
getting too close. Conversely, if all you are doing is calling CQ interspersed
with band noise, this will encourage others to muscle in. This is especially
true in W vs DX events, where one end of the QSOs is inaudible due to skip 

When tuning for a clear spot, I often purposely *do* set up 1 kHz or so above
someone calling unanswered CQ's, kinda using Tree's philosophy by brute force
("you're not doing any good, so MOVE!") :-)

Len KB2R

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