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QSY and CQ

Subject: QSY and CQ
From: len@ariel.coe.northeastern.edu (Leonard Kay)
Date: Sat Jun 12 09:45:46 1993
I said..

>>>When tuning for a clear spot, I often purposely *do* set up 1 kHz or so above
>>>someone calling unanswered CQ's, kinda using Tree's philosophy by brute force
>>>("you're not doing any good, so MOVE!") :-)

sawyer@twg.com (CALL AGN? BK)

>>1kHz???  This doesn't sound very aggressive to me.  Since I use two stages of 
>>250 Hz filters, I'd never even know you were 1 kHz down (especially since 

Obviously 1 kHz refers to phone contests, since that was a point in Tree's 
post. In a CW test it's more like 200-300 Hz.

>>What I 
>>usually do when trying to steal a run frequency is go below the target about 
>>600 Hz 
>>and then inch up on him.  If I can get a bunch of responses, that usually 
>>cinches it.  

Agreed. A common tactic, again more useful on phone. If you did that to me on CW
I'd just shift my passband or something.

Len KB2R

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