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NA/Keyer Interface

Subject: NA/Keyer Interface
From: smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil (smithb@GF-WAN.af.mil)
Date: Sun Jun 13 21:44:00 1993
What is the best way to interface a Heath uMatic keyer and
the NA LPT CW option to a single transceiver?  I am getting
ready for field day.  Yes, I am aware of the alt-K option.
But sometimes, it is easier to handstroke a unique response
than to use canned or typed responses.  Is it possible to 
simply parallel these two CW sources?  I will be using a 
286-AT driving a TS-450AT, (not mine).
Listen for KE0A, I am the station boss for 40/15 and WARC.

Respond directly or to the reflector for mutual benefit.

Equalization not discussed, personal rating system under

73 de bob - nd1h - grand forks, north dakoty

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