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reflector suggestions?

Subject: reflector suggestions?
From: ames@nebula.decnet.lockheed.com (ames@nebula.decnet.lockheed.com)
Date: Thu Jun 17 16:17:18 1993
The problem with the reflector is not the often pointles e-mail, but
rather that some of the subscribers are being ripped off by various
"services"!  I think a discussion of "policing" is premature to us
who pay nothing.  A better discussion would be how to lower the cost
for those who do have to PAY.  I was suprised myself last month (?)
when an unsubscribe message came through with a comment that $50 a
month was being spent.  I certianly wouldn't spend that much.  There
much be some way to lower the spread, 

does anyone who pays spend less, like $10 per month?  I still wouldn't
spend that much but I pay more for a phone at home which I rarely use.

Finally, for those who do PAY, why not send an e-mail message directly
to President Clinton to lower the cost of this "Electronic Highway"??
Most of us have the Internet address, don't we?

73, alan N2ALE/6

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