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VHF QSO Party Results - W0KEA

Subject: VHF QSO Party Results - W0KEA
From: georgen@stortek.com (George Noyes x5698)
Date: Thu Jun 17 17:57:34 1993

June VHF QSO Party Results -  W0KEA (+W1XE, N0BRI, N0DVL)
  (Preliminary as of 6/18/93)
Location:  Flattops Mountain Wilderness, Elev. 10,100 feet (above sea level) 
            North Central Colorado (near Glenwood Springs)
           "Portable" operation.

    Band        QSOs        Grids

      50MHz     421           152
     144         54            27
     222          9             8
     432         23            13
     902          2             1
    1296          4             3

Estimated score:  113,628 points

Conditions:   50MHz never opened significantly to the northeast nor 
the southwest (New England or California).  Generally, the opening
was spotty and tended to move around, but some reasonable rates were
obtained.  Overall Qs down from last year (520 Qs, 210 Grids). 
      144MHz experienced a brief (several minutes)  E opening to 
w9 land on Sunday, otherwise only tropo contacts.  
      Microwave bands had significant QSB levels, due primarily to 
our location and the still above normal snow cover across the higher
mountain peaks.  We had to traverse about 1/4 mile of 6 to 12 " of
snow to reach our site. 
      222 MHz was excitingly active due in part to the higher 
 than usual number of rover stations.

For those of you out there who would consider that our 902 or 1296 MHz
numbers quite "minute" in stature, I wish to comment that the 2 stations
worked on 902 were 100+ miles from our site and that on 1296, the minimum
distance worked was 100+ miles and maximum distance was 400 miles.

FYI, I think I'm now down to $150 per contact on my 902MHz equipment.....

73 de George, W1XE 

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