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A Cheaper way.

Subject: A Cheaper way.
From: 0005782837@mcimail.com (Jeff Bolda)
Date: Fri Jun 18 03:19:00 1993
I think I have found a cheaper way into internet. (Cheaper than CompuServe!)
MCI MAIL offers a mailbox for just $35 a year.
All incoming messages are FREE , even from internet,X.400,
 ATT Mail or CServe.
You only pay for out going messages:  $.50 for first 500 Charactors
$ .60 for 1000 Char., Etc...
A system that seems ideal for Reflector users.
You can also setup your MCI user id as your call.
The system can be reached with standard modem software, MCI Mail
Dos program or a great windows program called "The Wire". Can't miss it 
at your software store, it has a picture of a straight key on the box!
Access anytime into a 1 800 Number.
For more info: MCI    1-800-444-MAIL
Anyone found cheaper?

>From dzatopek@homer.win.net (David Zatopek)  Fri Jun 18 03:33:36 1993
From: dzatopek@homer.win.net (David Zatopek) (David Zatopek)
Subject: reflector suggestions?
Message-ID: <76@homer.win.net>

>does anyone who pays spend less, like $10 per month?  I still wouldn't
>spend that much but I pay more for a phone at home which I rarely use.
>73, alan N2ALE/6

The following is information, not a advertisment.

I use a service/software called WinNET provided by a firm called Computer
Witchcraft.  The software is distributed as shareware...connect charges are 
$8.00/hour with a $9.95/month minimun.  My usage summary for May is listed 

WinNET service usage for the month of May:

    Calls Connected to Service              19
    Items Transferred                       982
    Minutes - Direct @ $8.00/hr             64

That's alot of email for $9.95 (+ a couple of bucks in long distance charges).
I am new to internet so maybe there are better deals around.  I think a 800 
is now available.

My employer wanted to charge me for internet mail received via mcimail at 
this is better...amateur radio doesn't bother me at work and work doesn't bother
me at home.

The software package is neat too.

CWI can be reached at:

Computer Witchcraft, Inc. / P.O. Box 210441 / San Francisco, CA 94121-0441
        (415) 752-2477      FAX 752-8971      service@win.net

I am not affiliated with CWI in anyway...just a customer.

73 de dave kt5v


David Zatopek, KT5V
Dallas, Texas
214.528.0554 (home)                     Internet:       dzatopek@homer.win.net
214.748.2000 (work)                     Compuserve:     72040,151              
214.744.1916 (fax)

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