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Subject: CQWW.PX Op-Aid
From: K2MM@MasPar.COM (K2MM@MasPar.COM)
Date: Fri Jun 18 12:44:33 1993
Jim/AD1C recently distributed an updated CQWW.CTY here on cq-contest.
(Thanks, Jim!)  From it I've produced a prefix op-aid called CQWW.PX.
This is an updated version of the ARRL.PX op-aid I made available here
a few months ago.  Jim's careful edits to CQWW.CTY make the new op-aid
a significant improvement over my previous ARRL.PX:  Quality in, Quality

The entire op aid is 713 lines long, down from 728.  (I've edited out a
handful of station-specific calls where it affects only the CQ zone but
not the DXCC country.)  It still fits on four pages when set portrait-
wise in two 7-point columns.  Here are some excerpts:

50USA           FK        32  New Caledonia
5A              5A        34  Libya
5B              5B   (AS) 20  Cyprus
5[C-G]          CN        33  Morocco
5[HI]           5H        37  Tanzania
5[JK]           HK         9  Colombia
5[JK]0          HK0/a      7  San Andres
5[JK]0M         HK0/m      7  Malpelo Island
5[LM]           EL        35  Liberia
5[NO]           5N        35  Nigeria
5[PQ]           OZ        14  Denmark
5[RS]           5R        39  Madagascar
5T              5T        35  Mauritania
. . .
U8M             UM        17  Kyrgystan
U[AKVWXZ][089]  UA9       17  Asiatic Russia
U[AKVWXZ]1N     UN1       16  Karelo-Finnish Rep
U[AKVWXZ]2      UA2       15  Kaliningradsk
UA8[TV]         UA9       18  Asiatic Russia
U[BRSTY]        UB        16  Ukraine
UC              UC        16  Belarus
. . .
XP              OZ        14  Denmark
X[QR]           CE        12  Chile
X[QR]0          CE0A      12  Easter Island
X[QR]0[IZ]      CE0Z      12  Juan Fernandez
X[QR]0X         CE0X      12  San Felix Is
XS              BY        24  China

E-mail to K2MM@maspar.com gets a copy.  73.  --John/K2MM

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