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Velocity Factor of Ladder Line?

Subject: Velocity Factor of Ladder Line?
From: 0015017@msgate.emis.hac.com (0015017@msgate.emis.hac.com)
Date: Fri Jun 18 14:56:05 1993
From: Balmforth, Kevin D
Subject: Velocity Factor of Ladder Line?
Does anyone know the velocity factor of the 450 ohm open wire line that is 
currently being sold over the counter?  This is the stuff that looks like TV 
twin lead on steroids with square holes cut out of the center every 6" or so. 

If no one knows, it seems to me that it could be measured by cutting a section 
to 1/4 wavelength at a reference frequency (say 14.200 MHz), shorting one end 
and grid dipping the section at the other end to determine the resonant 
frequency.  The velocity factor would then be the ratio of the reference to 
the resonant frequency.  Does anyone see a problem with this approach?  

Thanks - Kevin NC6U (0015017@msgate.emis.hac.com)

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