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A Cheaper way. (fwd)

Subject: A Cheaper way. (fwd)
From: rklein@lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein)
Date: Fri Jun 18 22:45:32 1993
I was able to get an account through a local school district. Direct cost to 
me is zero! 

Ron - W0OSK

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> From root Thu Jun 17 20:39:04 1993
> From: 0005782837@mcimail.com (Jeff Bolda)
> Subject: A Cheaper way.
> Message-Id: <03930618021930/0005782837PK2EM@mcimail.com>
> I think I have found a cheaper way into internet. (Cheaper than CompuServe!)
> MCI MAIL offers a mailbox for just $35 a year.
> All incoming messages are FREE , even from internet,X.400,
>  ATT Mail or CServe.
> You only pay for out going messages:  $.50 for first 500 Charactors
> $ .60 for 1000 Char., Etc...
> A system that seems ideal for Reflector users.
> You can also setup your MCI user id as your call.
> The system can be reached with standard modem software, MCI Mail
> Dos program or a great windows program called "The Wire". Can't miss it 
> at your software store, it has a picture of a straight key on the box!
> Access anytime into a 1 800 Number.
> For more info: MCI    1-800-444-MAIL
> Anyone found cheaper?

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